The compound interest option since each daily profit automatically enters the algorithm.

The minimum investment amount is ฿ 0.0005, the maximum is unlimited.

The minimum sum available for withdrawal is ฿ 0.0005, the maximum sum available is unlimited.

You will get your first profit 24 hours after the activation of your deposit.

For secutiry reasons, Strøm processes withdrawals with manual review once a day. Submit your withdrawal by 16:00 UTC (about 1 hour) to be included in the day's batch.

Yes. Commission per investment is 18% and commission per activated registration ฿ 0.00000030.

Strøm is a global platform for investments in digital assets, a UK-based company involved in cryptocurrency trading: Scalping and Day Trading, Market Maker, Triangular Arbitrage and Inter-exchange Arbitrage.

Any individual or corporation from any country may open an account with us. But do remember the minimum age for registration is 18 years!

Currently we accept Bitcoin.

Yes, you can join our referral program and receive affiliate bonuses every time one of your referrals makes an investment in our program or registration.

Yes, you can create several individual deposits.

The investment process is maintained by Bitcoin.

Strøm offers 1 investment option available for 60 days.